Bending Time…

Bending Time…
We think of time as fixed:
Chronos Time– chronological or sequential time, qualitative in nature, minute after minute, days, weeks, years…

I have no qualms with the notion of Chronos Time; it is actually very comforting to experience the flow of a day.
I offer the notion of “bending time” so we can expand the collective consciousness we perceive as “reality” to expose our limiting beliefs.

I see and experience people feeling restricted by Chronos Time;
“How long will this take?”
“When will I feel better?”
“Why am I stuck here?”
On the flip side feeling like; time is “running out”, “not enough hours in the day” and so on.

Here are additional perceptions of time:
Alchemical Time– the concept that time is not stagnant or linear but flows in great transformative cycles.
Kairos Time– the right or opportune moment, qualitative in nature. It signifies a time lapse, a moment of indeterminate time in which everything happens.
The notion of Alchemical Time steps off the linear track and invites us into the cyclical nature of time.

In the present moment, the Kairos moment of infinite possibility… the past and future are very malleable. The field of Alchemical Time grants us a seemingly magical process of transformation and creation.

If we can integrate these perceptions of time, the possibilities are infinite… “bending time”. How does one access the awareness of Alchemical Time?

Place a crack in the paradigm, just inviting in the possibility of Alchemical Time will encourage experiences and opportunities to explore the various states of our vast consciousness. Simply allow…

If you feel called… the Chiron Gong Sound Journey is a fantastic way to access the possibilities of Alchemical Time.
The overtones and undertones of the gong guide our consciousness into the arena of Kairos.
(Info below about the upcoming evening with the Chrion Gong)

Any activity that up-regulates the parasympathetic nervous system is going to invite in the exploration of Alchemical Time… what deeply relaxes you?

I invite you to explore the concepts of Alchemical Time when you’re feeling “squished” by the Chronos perception.