Gifts of Late Summer and Fall… Receiving and Releasing

This season is a mixture of nourishment and letting go. The Chinese Five Elements associated with this time of year are Earth and Metal. Earth is associated with the season of late summer and Metal is associated with autumn. These two elements blend together to create a “satisfied contemplation”. As you reflect back on the joy and fun of summer there is a gratitude for all the blessings. It is a wonderful time to stop and take stock of all the beauty, abundance and grace that supports you and to also embrace letting go of the summer, allowing the harvest to peak and the energy to die back. As we move into fall, the days grow shorter and the qi moves inward in preparation for winter’s depth.There is a paradox to “embrace letting go” but this is the mysterious and beautiful dance of this seasonal blend. There is a natural flow to receiving and releasing. We are dancing with the energies of the elements all the time and by bringing their gifts into our awareness we are aligning with the deeper calling and cycles of nature allowing for self expression and liberation. If you would like support in this seasonal transition I encourage you to come in, I would love to help set you up for a healthy, easeful fall and winter.