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Resonance Healing

Connect to the Unified Field and experience Source Energy restore your innate wholeness.

These sessions are an hour with the first 15 minutes being an opportunity for you to articulate what you would like assistance with in the session. You are then invited to relax as I verbally guide you up to the Unified Field to witness and experience Source Energy heal, restore and replenish your emotional and energy body to it’s innate state of wholeness. I (Katie) assess the 8 energy centers or chakras and the vast network of energy meridians, to witness the wisdom of you as source energy clear energetic blockages which leads to powerful shifts in all areas of your life. I recommended leaving15-60 minutes following your session to integrate, rest, meditate or journal to maximize the healing benefits of the Resonance Healing session. 

Resonance Healing is a very effective at addressing “EMOTIONAL CONSTIPATION”-being stuck in the same old habits and feelings. Waking up each morning and picking up the same familiar load to lug through the day. It’s typically unconscious and exhausting. Together we will witness “frozen” emotions in your biofield. When you connect to who you are as an integral drop in the vast ocean of the “Unifield”, opening up and allowing Source Energy to restore you to your innate wholeness, chunks of past trauma are freed up. The process of liberating and integrating this frozen energy and emotion is surprisingly quick, allowing you to integrate the wisdom and release the pain. As we witness Source Energy bring the stuck energy back into balance and alignment it frees you up to move with more lightness, joy and health through your life.

Stubborn Chronic Issues...

Clear the unconscious blocks that inhibit transformation in physical and emotional health and wellness. If you find yourself struggling to implement healthy lifestyle changes or if you have successfully implemented lifestyle changes but see little improvement in your condition, a Resonance Healing session assists with a deeper shift. As blockage is cleared from from your energy body it is similar to unkinking a garden hose, as the water flows… energy flows… and the body, mind and spirit are restored.

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