Never before seeing Katie had I experienced an acupuncture session like this… it was, well, beautiful and transformative.

Using tuning forks and other tools, she created a buzz of mystical sounds that were so calming and so very soothing… I was instantly melting on her table. The first time that I saw her, I was going through a lot emotionally and physically and I felt like my adrenals were taxed to their limit. So when I say that I was melting on her table, truly, it was such a blessing, feeling my body decompress and come back into energetic homeostasis.

Then she gently placed the needles strategically where I needed them most. She knew where to put them from her detailed history, not just physically what I felt my body needed, but emotionally too–tying the bodymind connection together where I had felt so disconnected.

It’s amazing what can happen when someone has the skills, intuition, and ability to hold space for another…. Katie is amazing!

Melanie S. Capitola, CA

I have seen many acupuncturists in my life and I can honestly say that Katie Briggs is one of the best! Every time I have a treatment with her I am so grateful to be in her care. I always leave feeling completely relaxed and grounded. I think this is because of her gentle, holistic approach to healing. The use of sound vibration therapy in conjunction with acupuncture is amazing and really sets her apart. I have never felt pain or discomfort in a treatment with her and my sleep and my overall well-being has been greatly improved since I began seeing Katie. Her compassionate, intuitive and well-rounded approach to supporting the body to get back in tune has helped me tremendously. I highly recommend her!!!

Devi P. Santa Cruz, CA

Having been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 2004 I went to Katie for help with chronic joint pain that causes fatigue. During the session I was most impressed with Katie’s intuitive ability to quickly identify which element to balance. Acupuncture with Katie is a unique experience as she uses tuning forks and singing bowls to activate healing using sound. After our session I felt reinvigorated and had much more energy for days afterwards. Katie is an amazing holistic practitioner who genuinely cares about helping your body get back to its natural state of health.

Bonnie B. Santa Cruz, CA

Katie’s care has supported me throughout a long year of change and renewal. I LOVE the tuning forks as I can feel the vibrations opening the energy centers in my body and allowing me to take in more healing. Thank you Katie for your professional expertise. I am grateful!

Denise B. Santa Cruz, CA

Katie Briggs has made a huge difference in my healing and wellness! I highly recommend her to anyone who may be the least bit of a skeptical of needles. She has a very gentle and intuitive approach. I highly recommend Katie for multiple conditions, including: women’s hormonal issue, high levels of stress and anxiety, and general wellness. I used to have severe hot flashes, they are completely gone. I often fall completely asleep during the treatment and don’t want it to end. Katie is very caring and life changing. Really. Thank you!

Katalina H. Watsonville, CA

I highly recommend Katie for acupuncture. She listens, she cares, she is passionate about what she does and is full of knowledge and wisdom and shares with you what she finds out about your session with you in a way that you can understands. She also has a great office and I find time with her to be very rewarding on so many levels and I leave feeling very encouraged, motivated and blessed.

Debra C. Santa Cruz,CA

Katie is a skilled and professional acupuncturist with amazing intuition and knowledge. I felt like I received two treatments in one visit. Not only did she give me an acupuncture treatment but I received a sound healing treatment too! The combination was so delightful and healing. I was treated for muscular inflammation and a general well-being tune-up. The experience was amazing and I am really looking forward to my next appointment with Katie.

Tara I. Santa Cruz, CA

Katie Briggs is truly a gifted, skilled, and compassionate healer. Her gentle demeanor and deep wisdom shine through in her ability to create an individualized healing experience for her patients. The treatment room is a beautiful, sacred space. Her unique use of tuning forks and vibration is an excellent way for people who are needle-phobic to experience the transformative power of Chinese Medicine. Not only do I refer my patients to Katie Briggs, I receive healing from her myself. My healing experience with her has been invaluable. She is an incredible healer.

Dr. Juli M. Soquel, CA

What is unique about Katie is her sound and vibration stimulation of acupuncture points as well as her traditional analysis and acupuncture treatments. She digs deep for the solution, and has given me great life style counseling including soup recipes. I trust her completely.

Dr. Katie G. Santa Cruz, CA

Katie is AMAZING! I love her space, it’s a haven and so pleasing to the senses. She has a truly light touch even for those that are sensitive to needles. Using sound vibration therapy and tuning forks she really makes you melt into therapy and feel like your pampering yourself. I can’t wait to get my next session in! My body is happy to have her as an acupuncturist!

Siing Sophi M. Capitola, CA

Katie is a natural and intuitive healer, and is very generous with her time and talents. After many sessions with her, I’ve experienced only positive results. Katie’s combination of acupuncture, sound therapy, lifestyle counseling, and her holistic approach makes a complete package for anyone who needs support during a challenging time, or for anyone looking for preventive health care.

Melissa C. Santa Cruz, CA

Katie adds a whole other dimension with her sound healing and is gentle with the needles. I felt rejuvenated and recalibrated by her treatment and her calming presence.

Crystal M. Santa Cruz, CA

Katie is wonderful, wise, highly skilled, professional and knowledgeable, has a beautiful healing space and a big heart. She is everything I want in a health-care practitioner and is part of my self-care regime. When I feel run down or feel pain, I go to Katie for acupuncture and sound healing. It makes such a difference! I appreciate Katie for her work in the world, her support and contribution to my health and well-being. I give Katie the highest possible recommendation.

Caroline N. Santa Cruz, CA

Katie Briggs is my guru. I take multiple meds for chronic pain, and when my body wigs out with a common cold, it blows into a mighty mess! That’s when I go see Katie. Instead of an inhaler to fight the asthma that I got from this cold, Katie knocked it out of me with one Acupuncture treatment. She also completely obliterated my hot flashes in one treatment! ONE TREATMENT! I just know she is so intuitive, so gentle, so caring, so amazing, I can’t recommend Katie enough. She is extremely honest, and works completely with integrity and professionalism. Can’t speak more highly of her…. Obviously! She has helped me soooo much!

Nikki S. Santa Cruz, CA

Katie is wonderful at what she does and so knowledgeable. She put me right at ease. And the best part… no needles were required! She has various ways she works so that it can be custom to each client. Wonderful!

Mahlah K. Aptos, CA

Katie is an acupuncture guru! She combines acupuncture with Sound & Vibration Therapy which produces miraculous results. Her treatments feel incredible, and my body, mind and soul feel delightfully free and light. Katie offers a holistic and mindful approach, and shares her intuitive wisdom and expert knowledge of Chinese medicine during every treatment. I highly recommend her!

Char J. Santa Cruz, CA

Katie does a fantastic job of listening to what I am saying about my body. Then she sets about helping my body heal with great care and sensitivity. I love her facility for it’s relaxing feel. After seeing Katie I am ready to take on my world.

Kathy Mae A. Capitola, CA

I was very impressed with Katie. I came down with a cold and went in because I was told she could help. This is the fastest I have ever gotten over a cold. Also I have had sinus issues for years and she gave me herbs for the cold and cough and gone and great side effect seems to have helped my regular sinus issue. I am looking forward to working with Katie on other issues. On a side note the space is very peaceful and relaxing and Katie works with you and your individual needs.

Candace H. Watsonville, CA

Katie’s holistic approach to acupuncture is different than anything I have ever experienced. When I first heard her speak about this approach, I didn’t understand what she meant and now, after getting treatments from her for a few months, I see just how holistic it is.

Katie has given me recommendations for physical, emotional and mental well-being. She does this in a way that is easy to understand and take in. She’s great at really connecting & meeting me where I am so that I don’t feel overwhelmed with information or with her recommendations.

The treatments themselves are soothing and relaxing. I don’t mind needles so that combined with the tuning forks is perfect for me. Because Katie has so many tools at her fingertips, she can also treat people just using the tuning forks so if you’re not fond of needles, don’t let that stop you from seeing her.

Katie is warm, compassionate, service-minded, friendly and has a wealth of knowledge. I always leave her office with a feeling of balanced, well-being. I take good care of myself in general and right now, getting treatments at Resonation Acupuncture feels like a natural and essential part of self care.

Janette V. Santa Cruz, CA

“The service that Katie provides is like no other I have experienced. Combining vibration therapy and Chinese medicine, my body and spirit go through healing on levels I cannot explain. It is a brilliant combination and I trust I am well taken care of when I go see Katie.”

Marc S.-Musician

“Katie is very skilled at being a vessel to guide one’s connection with health, wellbeing and vitality. Her use of the sound and vibration penetrated my body and consciousness, calling me back to a place of balance and harmony. ”

Tricia L.-Yoga Instructor

“Katie is an excellent Healthcare Provider. Her skills as a Licensed Acupuncturist are coupled with her Acutonics training & compassionate heart to create a treatment that is both deeply healing and restorative. The Acutonics tuning forks & bowl add a unique element to Katie’s work that my body really loves & looks forward to. I highly recommend Katie to my clients, as well as use her services regularly. ”

Lisa S. -CMT

“I truly appreciate Katie’s thorough and professional listening and questioning of my concerns before each treatment. I feel a greater release of stress and immediate relaxation from the sounds of the different tuning forks and singing bowls she uses in each session. I know that the healing power of each treatment is increased by these sounds and my relaxation!"

Shannon M.- Professional Organizer

“The level of personalized complete body care Katie provides is refreshing. I have more energy and focus. I feel great.”

Christy L.- Teacher

“Katie is very caring and intuitive, I look forward to our treatments and how I feel after them. ”

L.M.-Health Care Provider

“Our experience of Relationship Harmonization Resonation Acupuncture (RHRA) was magical. Katie Briggs is gentle, powerful, and caring. Knowing we were experiencing rich, resonating vibrations together while the acupuncture worked its wonders sent us into waves of harmony! After nearly 20 years together, finding a new way to deepen our relationship was intriguing. This is definitely a beautiful way to reconnect.”

Ellen F. & Coleen D.