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If you suffer from fatigue, low motivation, insomnia, anxiety, mood swings, depression, lack of mental clarity, forgetfulness, headaches, migraines or pain in the muscle, joint or nerve… help is available.

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You have a unique constitution. Finding your specific Keys to Vitality allows for an organic upward spiral to Health, Wellness and Joy. I’ll help you listen to your body’s wisdom, accessing buried needs. This listening and integration process allows your natural state of wellbeing to surface. We identify “Key” lifestyle shifts to leverage your health… least effort most gain!

Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaching

Access Vitality and Personal Power...regain and maintain Health, Balance and Grace. Feel unstoppable!



Access your Innate Healing Wisdom... your body is designed to experience Joy and Wellbeing

Sound Vibration Therapy

Sound Vibration Therapy

Living in Rhythm with your body, your relations and the Earth

Resonance Healing

Resonance Healing

Living in Resonance you hear your Spirit and you come into alignment with your Purpose


Listen to Your Inner Wisdom

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Dedicated to Your Healing and Growth

Katie Briggs L.Ac.

Practicing medicine and healing therapies since 2004.

Healing Philosophy

Support the infinite, healing wisdom of your body.


Katie is a natural and intuitive healer, very generous with her time and talents…


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