In Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbs are an essential part of the treatment. As a patient, you will be educated on the herbal options available to you.

chinese herbs

Resonation Acupuncture is dedicated to ensuring that patients receive superior quality herbs. The majority of herb formulas prescribed are in tablet or a liquid extract form from Kan Herb Company. Kan provides the highest pharmaceutical-grade herbal products. Every formula is test for pesticides, heavy metals, and microbial levels. The information for each lot is available on their website.

I take great caution to research that the herbs I prescribe will be unlikely to interact with any medications the patient is already ingesting. I invite questions regarding the herbs, supplements and drugs that my patients are taking so that they always feel comfortable and confident taking herbs. In selecting and prescribing an herb formula, special care is taken to ensure the correct properties in the herb formula are available to address your specific health concerns.

Herbal medicine has traditionally been used all over the world to treat every kind of illness and disease. This rich history of thousands of years and many healing modalities creates a foundation of herbal knowledge I feel privileged to be working with.


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