Discover What Matters Most by Embracing the Beauty of Autumn

As the climate slips from Indian summer to autumn, the energy or Qi of the season teaches us to pause, let go and cherish what matters most. In Traditional Chinese philosophy, autumn relates to the Metal element, the emotion of grief, and the Lungs and Colon, which are both cleansing organs.

When you let go, you give back what no longer serves you. Your willingness to surrender what you no longer need allows you freedom to notice your buried treasures. In this crisp, autumn clarity you are able to gather the seeds of “what matters most”. By letting go now in the comfort of autumn you are making room for your hearts deepest intent to burst forth in the springtime.

You might have a hard time “letting go…” it might stir up feelings of sadness and grief. These emotions are in alignment with the ebb and flow of autumn energy. When you resist the experience of autumn’s sadness the emotion only knocks harder…what we resist, persists.

I encourage you to embrace the quiet, reverent, sometimes sad tone of autumn in order to flow with the seasonal life force energy. It will bring a sweet depth to your life, which will make the joy of summer all the brighter.

4 Ways to Embrace Autumn
Breathe deeply. The Lungs help you connect and move through stuck energy.

A breathing exercise: Inhale deeply. Then inhale one more half breath and hold it for a few seconds. Then release. Now, exhale all the air out-and then push out a half breath more. Repeat three times; notice the pleasure of both full and empty lungs.

Spend an hour alone in nature, watch a cloud float by, listen to the wind, enjoy a bird’s song…taking time to notice the changing rhythm of nature will allow you to align with the seasonal shifts. Like leaves falling from the trees, practice letting go. Ask yourself what
possessions you have that you no longer need… then gently, let those things go. Give them to a new home where they can be useful once again.

“Trim back” your activities, create empty space where, in time, something new can grow.