Jumping the Tracks

I think of eclipses as an opportunity to radically shift.  If you find yourself in a habit pattern that feels like a rut I invite you to “jump the tracks” – find a whole new groove.

The lunar eclipses happens when the moon and the sun line up again as they did for the solar eclipse (March 8), but tonight’s eclipse happens at the full moon, and the moon enters the Earth’s shadow instead of the moon casting a shadow on the Earth. An eclipse is the obscuring of the light from one celestial body by the passage of another between it and the observer, or between it and its source of illumination. You, the observer, are pivotal in the eclipse; your perspective is paramount. When you line up with the sun & moon from your Earth perspective, a potent portal of possibility opens up. Use this moment to seal the deal and launch yourself into whatever you desire. Make this as easy as possible. I invite you at some point before Thursday Morning to take 5 mins, sit still and feel good, really good. Think about whatever you want, it doesn’t need to be what you want to manifest; just make sure it feels good. This will launch you into more of this goodness.

It can get super heady when we attempt to break it all down and figure out all the details. I invite you to relax, let the grace in, trust your instincts and feel GOOD!

Once you’re in the new groove you can shake off the residue of the old, like a dog shaking off water.
Keep the momentum in ways that feel easy, relaxing and fun.

The spring season is a fantastic time to leverage the momentum of growth. Use your intuition and instincts to hone your new groove. It’s like pruning a tree, removing old growth to make way for the new. Notice what habit no longer feels satisfying and feel if there is a new habit requesting birth. Follow your good feeling impulses and observe what no longer serves. The essence of what you leave behind clarifies where you want to go.

I’m here to support and celebrate with you inviting in the ease and grace of new joyful habits. Perhaps a Resonation Acupuncture treatment is in alignment with your new groovy groove, if so I’d love to have you in