Each person has access to the infinite wisdom of their divine path through the wisdom of their body. In the view of the hologram where the entire universe is reflected in every cell of our being, exploring the larger movement of planetary bodies assists our being in remembering who we are. Resonation Astrology allows for a deeper understanding of ourselves and guides this insight into the kinesthetic awareness of the body, allowing for a sweet surrender to our soul destiny.

WHAT is it?

Resonation Astrology is an opportunity to integrate your personal astrological reading kinesthetically. Clients arrive with a Planetary Prescription filled out. Have the astrologer of your choice fill out the Planetary Prescription. If you would like a referral to a local astrologer or a copy of the Planetary Prescription please contact Katie.

What happens in a Resonation Astrology session:

Katie Briggs L.Ac. uses the Acutonics planetary tuning forks along energy meridians in your body to integrate and ground the information gathered in the astrological reading. Katie accesses the innate wisdom of your body and integrates the information from the Planetary Prescription.

WHY do it?

Accessing the body-mind-soul axis with Resonation Astrology allows for exponential transformation. Having an astrological reading can be an insightful experience, accessing and integrating this information kinesthetically takes it to a new depth of understanding and revealing your authentic essence. Resonation Astrology honors each individual by integrating the cosmic blueprint set forth in the natal chart with your body’s cellular wisdom.

HOW to schedule and get more info?

For more information on how to receive a Planetary Prescription and Resonation Astrology please call (831) 234-6616 or e-mail Katie@ResonationAcupuncture.com

Cost $130

Client Experience: The insights and openings I received from my astrology reading was nurtured and amplified in my body through Katie’s use of the planetary tuning forks. I felt synergistically supported on many levels… the cerebral and visceral, the macro and micro. I love how these two healing modalities work together, tuning me into my highest good! –Caroline Nicola

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