Relieve physical & emotional pain by supporting the

healing wisdom of your body

AcupressureResonation Acupuncture combines sound and vibration therapy with acupunctureResonation Acupuncture is safe and without side effects. Its actions are regulatory, encouraging the body to make natural changes from within.

Katie’s goal is to support the infinite wisdom of your body to heal itself. She is a skilled diagnostician offering insights that integrate the whole person, mind, body and soul. Additional services and products offered include Chinese herbs, Qi Gong, Wellenss-lifestyle consultation. Katie clears a path, empowering you to make informed choices concerning your ongoing health and well-being.

Resonation Acupuncture can treat acute and chronic conditions and can help in many situations where Western Medicine may have limited solutions.

Serving the Santa Cruz Community Since 2004

“Best Acupuncturist”

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