Shelter in Place

I’m holding you all in flow as we move deeper into the energies of spring. This is the time of year our inner drive pushes us to grow and expand reaching out into new possibilities. Like the seed spouting out of the earth we are being called to spend time out doors in the warm weather.
The request to shelter in place is taking on a whole new level of discipline when the energies of the season are beckoning you to come out and play. I’m pointing this out not to rub salt in the wound but to help create a perspective of compassion for yourself, your loved ones and the collective vibe as a whole.
The emotion of spring and the Wood Element when unable to move freely is frustration and anger. It’s like caging an ornery, wild tiger. If you find yourself impatient, be kind to yourself. Experiencing challenging emotions is inevitable, sorting out creative and empathetic ways to be with your various emotions is the opportunity. I invite you to find ways to be flexible in your thinking, creative in your adaptability and curious with your judgments, simply for your own sense of well being.
If you would like support energetically, emotionally and physically integrating all that has and is unfolding I am available.
During the weeks of SIP I have had the pleasure of supporting patients with in-person acupuncture appointments as well as telemedicine and remote energy healing.
I have implemented safety precautions for office visits to minimize risk. Feel free to contact me if you would like to learn more about the new systems in place. You feeling relaxed while you’re receiving care is paramount. It’s unclear how many more weeks we will be under the SIP orders, if you feel the need to get some support before this shift comes to pass please contact me. I am happy to find creative ways to support your individual needs whether in person or via remote healing.