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Tuning Forks- Ohm Octave Set
Ohm is the fundamental tone in the Acutonics(R) Healing System. It represents the cycles of the Earth as it moves through the four seasons. These forks are used to balance, root and ground energy, and treat many different imbalances. They are an excellent introduction to the Acutonics(R) Healing System. Designed for home use they are sold with an easy to follow instruction pamphlet.

Ohm Octave Set includes one Low Ohm Tuning Fork, and one Middle Ohm Tuning Fork, instructions and storage pouch:

Tuning Forks – Acutonics (R) Belted Acuvator
Specially designed to activate your Acutonics(R) Tuning Forks the Belted Acuvator is worn on the leg just above the knee. The adjustable strap fits comfortably to your body. Originally created for practitioners, who work around a table, it moves with you! Designed to eliminate wear and tear on your body, it also helps minimize noise when striking the tuning forks. Do not strike forks directly on your hands or knees.
Tuning Forks – Acutonics(R) Table Top Acuvator
The tabletop Acuvator is designed to activate your tuning forks. The product is weighted and sits comfortably on the corner of your treatment table or any tabletop. Do not strike forks directly on your body.

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