The Gift of Water … look beyond the “to do’s”

Winter takes us into the Water element which encourages us to dig deeper, to look beyond the day to day, the “ToDo’s” of life and ask the bigger questions… What is the purpose that drives your inner life, what propelled your soul out of the cosmos back to the “earth school”? In my experience the answer to these questions lies beyond words and thoughts but pulses through your life. It is the underlying theme, so woven into to the fabric of your reality that it becomes invisible. The winter time and the Water element offer us the chance to peer into the deeper mysteries and offers the opportunity to align our day to day activities with this deeper purpose which inevitably brings more satisfaction and ease. If we resist slowing down and relaxing into this deeper understanding of ourselves there can be a sense of purposelessness, boredom and in it’s intensity, extreme suffering, despair and depression.
Tip to explore Water: Sleep, it’s dark out, let yourself hibernate, when you allow yourself plenty of hours to sleep especially in the winter you are recalibrating with your “BIG DREAMS” your soul yearnings. (Part 2) The gift of Water will be coming in the winter solstice newsletter.