Autumn’s Potent Seasonal Shift…

We are in the midst of shift; this time of year, along with the spring shift are, in my clinical experience, two of the most potent times of the year to lay a foundation of physical health. Summer to autumn is the shift from Fire (summer) to Earth (late summer) to Metal (autumn).
In total we are energetically highlighting 8 of the 12 organ systems in a 3 month period.
Smooth flowing qi is paramount to transiting through all the various phases. This time of year is beautiful, intense and erratic.
The hot sunny days open up all the “doors and windows” of our bodies to keep us cool, and when the climate shifts quickly, for example a cold ocean breeze or quick drop in pre-dawn temperature, we are left exposed to the external environmental pathogens.

Being aware that we are in a shifting season is extremely helpful so you can plan ahead and have the appropriate clothing for all the various micro climates.

Many people cling to the joyful spontaneous play of summer and resist/deny the arrival of autumn’s more reverent, reflective melancholic tone. The Metal element is associated with the emotion of grief. Grieving the end of summer is a natural response to this seasonal shift and important to acknowledge.

As the days become shorter and we approach the fall equinox it is important to allow yourself to move with grace and ease into the colder longer nights.

Let’s explore the Metal element and how to leverage health with the Lungs and Colon, the organ systems associated with autumn.

The Lungs and Colon are comparable to 2 ends of a straw; if one end is plugged, so is the other.
If you are compromised with your Colon (IBS, constipation, loose stools, gas, bloating…) this will affect the Lungs (Upper respiratory infections, allergies, sinus congestion…) and vice versa.

If you find yourself with lowered immunity to external pathogens or uncomfortable bowel symptoms, addressing both these organ systems is important.

Tips to Staying Healthy this Autumn:
Modifying your diet to acclimate to the changing season is very important. Eating with the season is always a foundational key to health. (Check out Chef Jenny’s Fall Cooking Circle)
Pro-Biotics– Replenish gut health with positive bacteria is uber important in this seasonal shift.
Inhale immune boosting essential oils. Breathing in immune boosting scents is a fantastic way to strengthen Lung health.
Plan ahead for quick climate shifts; have a scarf, extra layer, cozy socks and warm hat on hand.
Keep your feet warm… I love the barefoot feel of summer and feel sad to put on socks but I’d rather feel sad than sick.
Self care session- this is a fantastic time to schedule a resonation acupuncture season shift session to incorporate ease and grace into the changing seasons.
Cheers to feeling fantastic as we move through this seasonal shift!