Separating the Yeast from the Bread…

Attempting to separate “negative stress” from “positive growth” is like trying to separate the yeast from the bread.

I love this quote and the surrender and acceptance that it invites. So many times we want to push away what is happening concerning our health or lack there of…
What happens when we can invite a gentle curiosity?
My sleep is disturbed
My belly aches
My back… neck… head… are feeling pain
What is my brilliant body attempting to communicate?
In the moments of pain and discomfort if we can step back and remember that growth is happening we are frequently able to move through life with more ease and grace even if it is uncomfortable.

It is always my directive to stay curious and trust the infinite wisdom of your body. Healing comes from within and I am simply here to foster a loving space and place, to gently remind your body what it knows how to do…
heal, restore balance and experience well-being.