Celebrate Your “Inner Chihuahua”

We are all multi faceted beings with many dimensions; all aspects of self need to be celebrated for their wisdom and guidance. We may consider some of our behaviors and needs as “high maintenance”. You may wonder to yourself, “Why do I need my food prepared just so, or my sleeping pattern this particular way, or the temperature in the room or the lighting and volume a certain way?” Perhaps your needs are not about your environment but relationships and communication, or maybe it’s all of the above and more. I am referring to these strong preferences as one’s “inner Chihuahua”. Chihuahuas (bless their heart’s) like to be in the center of all the action and will jump around until you allow them to “be”. They can be extremely yappy with a high pitched bark that will continue long after you tell them to stop. How do we let ourselves “be”? If we don’t make space for this “inner Chihuahua” wisdom to speak, the “barking” only gets louder and more high pitched. Chihuahuas, like all dogs, respond well to proper training that includes positive reinforcement and affection. When we self discover with kindness and compassion and explore the “high maintenance” needs with a gentle curiosity, we will unearth something about ourselves. As we create a space to listen to the inner “yapping”, we’ll uncover wisdom. Any time you ask the questions, “Can’t I be more flexible and adaptable? Why can’t I be (fill in the blank)?” These are “inner Chihuahua” opportunities to learn more about yourself. Chihuahuas are very courageous, lively, proud, and most of all, enterprising. They both demand and give affection to anyone they trust. By taking the time to build a loving relationship with your “inner Chihuahua” you are constructing a loyal alliance with your inner wisdom. If you are feeling challenged by the task of accessing this “inner Chihuahua wisdom” and are stuck in the overwhelm of feeling “high maintenance”, I am happy to hold a supportive, healing container to explore the underlying needs that are seeking expression, and through the modality of Resonation Acupuncture, assist with integrating these needs and accessing your inner wisdom.