The Sweet Spot!

The balance of ease and grace is always available and it is a blessing when we can effortlessly feel it. I reference this effortless grace and ease as the “sweet spot”. How do we recalibrate when we know we are not in the sweet spot, where the synchronicity of goodness unfolds effortlessly? Before you read on I will clarify that contrast is important – how else would we know our preferences? I am highlighting the sweet spot so that you can surrender and let go when the flow of life is not guiding you where you thought you wanted to go. The reality is we are always in the sweet spot, it just feels at times that we are being bullied out of what we want by life’s circumstances and conditions.In these moments where we perceive it “going all wrong” we have the opportunity to drop in, stop swimming against the flow, and float.
Lessons on floating:
#1 Patience vs. Procrastination… Sometimes not jumping on the task is the perfect thing to do. In these moments patience is the virtue. I find that if I force myself to complete a task when I’m not in the flow, more work is generated. Things that might take 20 minutes take 2 hours and I am draaggging through the process. In these times I invite you to walk away… let it go, take a nap, go to the beach, make procrastination legal, call it patience. When you feel some ease return to the task and see if you have new clarity and perspective. I love it when I take a break and the dust settles and the circumstances have shifted and there is no longer “a problem” to trouble shoot. The project took care of itself.
#2 Don’t try so hard… The 80–20 rule states that roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. I apply this to effort: 20% effort gets you 80% of the gain. When I witness the perfectionist, control tendency emerging I attempt to gently tap myself on the shoulder and encourage Lesson #1… Walk Away
#3 The consciousness that obtains sustains… The way we do anything is the way we do everything. If you’re not enjoying the process, chances are you want nothing to do with the product. Again I suggest taking a break.
All 3 of these Lessons on floating point to the same thing: It’s only as hard as we make it. There is always a sweet spot. How do we drop in and find it? In a world that values productivity, multi-tasking and staying busy I invite you to STOP, try uni-tasking, or better yet, not tasking, and let the flow of life do some of your to-do list. If you find it challenging to stop and be still, gently bless yourself and ask for help. Busy-Busy consciousness or multi-tasking mania are imbalances of their own. I frequently see clients who mistake exhaustion for relaxation. Relaxation is a habit – if you would like support cultivating this habit with Resonation Acupuncture please contact me.