Claim your Creativity, harness the energy of spring!

From the perspective of the Taoist 5 element model, spring time is associated with the Wood element and the Liver organ system. The Wood energy is forward moving, directed and visionary. Out of balance it is impatient, irritable and at times angry. One of the chief duties of the Liver energy system, is to regulate the qi, to keep it moving through the body. This is especially important in the spring, because it is the time of year where the energy builds. Imagine a baby chick getting ready to hatch out of an egg, this process of hatching takes determination and strength. Everything, including us is building and mounting energy, the Liver energy system functioning optimally allows for clear vision, purposeful direction and the ability to manifest our goals. What visions, inspirations or creative endeavors are calling you?If you would like to follow a link to read more about how to access your vision and creativity by Riding the Spring Energy please click here.