Planting Seeds of Clear Vision for Spring’s Growth!

The shift from winter to spring is full of life force, and in my opinion, the most dramatic seasonal shift.

Waking the hibernating, underground seeds and heeding the call of life to sprout and grow is invigorating and can be overwhelming.

If our qi, life force, is not moving easily through our bodies it can manifest with a lot of discomfort. We can easily end up exhausted from attempting to constrain this huge push for growth and/or we end up frustrated and irritable because we sense we are not moving freely and meeting our potential.

The perfect time to address this mounting energy is now. Conscious awareness of the rising spring energy allows us to maximize the power surge of spring while integrating the hibernation of winter.

Clarifying your vision of what you want to manifest and “planting these seeds” will allow for a more easeful, abundant spring.