Dispel Lurking Pathogens-Restore Lost Health! Transform the cold & flu into a healing cleanse.

Every time we “get sick” it is an opportunity for our body to cleanse out stored toxins. No one enjoys a cold or flu, sore throat, achy body and fatigue AND we have the opportunity to leverage this experience for health. Swollen glands in your throat are an opportunity to clear out your lymph system. You have the opportunity to support your immune system to cleanse out old lurking pathogens relieving yourself of residual, unexplained health challenges such as aches and pains. Here’s How: When we “catch a cold” there is always the temptation to suppress the symptoms with over the counter cold medication, cough suppressants, and sleep aids. What if these “medications” are pressing the pathogen deeper into our muscles and joints? We may not have a sore throat, cough or runny nose anymore but now we have a knee pain or low back pain, stiff neck or headaches. I encourage you to leverage the wisdom of herbs and acupuncture to pull out the pathogen. We can even pull out old lurking pathogens from previous illnesses. When we take care of our bodies during a cold and flu we are able to restore lost health. Receiving Resonation Acupuncture care when you are sick allows your body to heal on a deep level. I encourage you to leverage your colds and flu and transform them into healing cleanses.