Health Independence!

Declaration of Health Independence
I invite you to explore a revolutionary urge to reduce your dependence on our antiquated health care model?
I dream of a “wellness system” based on each of us feeling empowered by health self-reliance.
What would this look like?
The core of my healing philosophy is that the infinite wisdom of your body and its ability to regenerate and heal is “beyond our wildest dreams” powerful.
Accessing this infinite wisdom is your birth right, and letting it be the guiding force in your lifestyle choices is the key to health self-reliance.
I call this Resonance Living, listening and following the guidance of our inner wisdom.
Living in resonance with our inner wisdom is a deeply satisfying experience.
If you feel sick, tired, “out of wack” or perhaps you’re dealing with a chronic health condition, you may be asking,
“How do I re-connect with my inner wisdom?”
“How do I remember to self-heal?”
There are as many ways as there are people. Each of us has the creative opportunity to gravitate toward what activates our healing potential and allows us to hear our inner wisdom.
A core guiding principle is to trust your “gut”.
If your intuition is telling you something, LISTEN, even if it contradicts the “medical experts” diagnosis.
I frequently tell my patients you are the #1 expert on your body, you are living in it. Health care providers are a resource for you to learn how best to support your body and it’s ability to heal.
No one has authority over your body but YOU!
Finding the voice of our inner wisdom may feel mysterious, I encourage you to take some quiet time, even if it’s 5 minutes and ask your body what it wants.
If you don’t get any answer drink a glass of water and try again. Most of us are dehydrated, when in doubt drink 8 ounces of water and breathe.
Your inner wisdom is right there waiting for you, simply slow down and listen.
If your inner wisdom encourages you to go for a walk or turn off your smart phone, listen and heed the call, it’s the beginning of a wellness revolution!

We simply make one self loving decision at a time.
If you are guided by your inner wisdom to access Resonation Acupuncture as a health resource it is my pleasure and honor to support you.
Cheers to the Wellness Revolution!