In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Water is the element of winter.
Water has this steady persistent power to FLOW.

How can the wisdom of Water inform our life’s ideal FLOW?

I’m defining FLOW as a feeling of energized focus where we are fully involved and enjoying ourselves. The hallmark of flow is a feeling of spontaneous joy, even rapture.

How do we create a life defined by FLOW ?

Step 1: Identify if you are suffering from busy sickness. Are you habitually over scheduling your life? Do you feel the need to work constantly to provide an income for yourself and/or your loved ones? Do you feel “lazy” or “irresponsible” if you enjoy leisure time? These habits and beliefs are driven by f.e.a.r. (false evidence appearing real). F.e.a.r. can be a compelling force to pull us out of life’s FLOW. Leisure time is pivotal to exploring life’s FLOW; time where there is nowhere to be and nothing to do, time to listen to what wants to happen.

Step 2: Once you’re clear that leisure time is available, you can slow down and listen.
sniff the flowers

I invite you to explore the complex joy of simple sensual pleasures.
The smell of food cooking when you’re hungry, the very first bite… take your time leisurely and really taste it… or the feeling of hot water on your cold hands, or the sensation of your favorite cozy sweater on your skin. When you can feel these sensual pleasures you are on the track of FLOW.
When you can notice these sensations you can also notice whatwants to happen in the next moment (instead of what was on your list of things to do).

I call this indicator the Pleasure Directive- present, sustainable, organic, authentic, sensual affirmation.
good food

Listening to my body(s) physical, emotional and energetic satisfaction to define my actions in life.
Present, sustainable, organic and authentic are key. I may experience a fleeting pleasure in a handful of potato chips but 10 mins later I feel a little ill if I am truly listening. On the other hand a baked yam is delicious in every step of the process: consumption, digestion and nourishment. Your choices are not mine; it’s not about the Yam, it’s about listening to yourself in your Pleasure Directive all the way- present, sustainable, organic, authentic, sensual affirmation.

Start small, maybe with an hour of leisure time to heed the call of your Pleasure Directive. If you find this more challenging than you would expect I am always available to support you. An hour of Resonation Acupuncture is a Fantastic way to explore present, sustainable, organic, authentic, sensual affirmation.