Heart Wisdom… Gifts of the Summer Season & Fire Element

From a Taoist 5 Element perspective, summer is associated with the Fire element, it is the season of Joy. The primary organ system connected to the Fire Element is the Heart. Unlike the other 4 Elements (Earth Metal Water & Wood) which have 2 organ systems associated with them, Fire has 4. I will focus on the Heart, but know there is an involved network of organ systems supporting you in accessing massive amounts of joy, laughter, bliss and wellbeing.

In Tradition Chinese Medicine the mind is an extension of the Heart. When we are connected to our Heart Wisdom we are given access to so much more than just the cognitive ability to compute data. With out clear communication with our Heart’s wisdom we can feel devastatingly lost, moving through life without purpose. I invite you to reflect on a moment in your life where everything lined up… you knew in your “guts”, Heart and mind that you were exactly where you needed to be, heeding a call from a place beyond a decision. A simple example is when I know exactly what I want for lunch, my whole body is lining up for the experience, when I eat it my whole body hums with delight. Then there are those days when I have no idea what to eat and food is utilitarian, it keeps hunger away. Imagine if you had access to this deeper knowing, that it guided you not only through your meal planning but your whole life. Imagine a “humming with delight” life where unexplainable joy is the baseline.
You get not only a “Full Spectrum Life” but you get to experience your life from a lens of “Heart Wisdom” where ease and grace are available even in the “darkest hour”. Have you ever had a flash of hope and joy in the midst of personal suffering? The facts of life have not changed but your experience of them has shifted, this is the Wisdom of your Heart. I invite you to let the beauty & wisdom of your own Heart bless you.