Full Spectrum Living!

Joy and bliss are your birthright just as anger and grief are. We get to experience it all! As we move out of the intensity of spring’s push for growth, we are moving towards the joy of summer. I want to highlight that joy is not “better” than anger in fact the contrast allows for more clarity. I highlight joy in this seasonal shift because it is so available AND allowing yourself full range is the ultimate liberation.

I support ”full spectrum living”, feeling it all; grief, anger, joy, contentment, and the ability and flexibility to move fluidly through your own personal spectrum. Full spectrum living is not to be confused with erratic mood swings. I am simply inviting you to explore if you have settled into a zone that feels like, “Is this all there is?” because the answer is “NO!” There is always more beauty, curiosity, creativity, and pleasure.
I would love to support you in exploring full spectrum living. Here are some of the ways I can assist:

Acupuncture and Sound & Vibration Therapy to clear out the “energetic gook”
Herbal Formulation to support the wisdom of your body to heal it’s self
Life style counseling- discover what’s in the way day to day
Qi Gong instruction to keep the qi flowing between appointments
The ability to integrate all aspects of our lives allows for a grace and ease that transcends the circumstance and conditions. Source the grace & ease that is your birthright and the FULL SPECTRUM is yours!