Letting life pass you by… a good idea

Winter is associated with the Taoist 5 Element of Water.
The Water Element embodies qualities of deep, slow, dark, hibernation…

Winter time and the Holiday season when juxtaposed offer the perfect opportunity to ask:
What if the frenzied pace of life is not something I want to keep up with?
Are you responding to your life or reacting to your life?
When we allow our surrounding environment to dictate our perceptions of reality, we end up with an over stimulated nervous system that is stuck in reactive mode. It’s only when we slow down that we are able to choose and respond.

When we slow down, we give ourselves the opportunity to peer beyond the “auto pilot” of the collective driven consciousness. In slow mode we can hear new perspectives and insights that are resonant from within. When I slow down, my inner world whispers “It’s okay to rest, go lie down.” “Ditch the long list of presents for a heart full of presence. All they want is your love.”

When I say slow down, I mean it physically and mentally. When you soothe your nervous system by slowing down the pace of your breathing, talking, moving and thinking, you create an opportunity breath and sky to respond to your life.
I invite you right now as you read these words to slow down the pace of your inhale and exhale, close your eyes and slow your breath…
no time like NOW