Tooled by the Tool?

I appreciate my smart phone and all the ways it supports my life. It is a fantastic tool AND I don’t want to entrain my nervous system to it. Entrainment is the process of two vibrating systems falling into synchronicity.
Humans are bio rhythmic beings pulsed by electromagnetic energy; this a significant component of what we call qi/chi.

The human nervous system entrains to its environment. What are you entraining too?

Before I continue I will briefly explain Hertz (Hz): it is the unit of frequency defined as one cycle per second. It is named for Heinrich Rudolf Hertz, the first person to provide conclusive proof of the existence of electromagnetic waves.

A Giga is a billion, so Gigahertz is billions of cycles per second. In our tech advanced, Gigahertz, wi-fi pulsed world, how can we learn to easefully switch gears, quieting the spinning of the mind and relinquishing the baseline “Giga-hurried” consciousness of our culture?
How do we tune into our personal rhythm? How do we listen to the authenticity of us?

My suggestion: invite more extremely low frequency (ELF) vibrations in to your environment. Extremely low frequency (ELF) are frequencies from 3 to 30 Hz. ELFs assist the “down shift” and allow you to “slow your roll”.

A fantastic way to slow your roll is to entrain your nervous system to the Earth’s ELF which pulses at approx 8 hertz (know as the Schumann Resonance). The Earth’s ELF are generated by lightning and natural disturbances in Earth’s magnetic field.

Being barefoot on the Earth, feet in the grass, or toes in the sand is a brilliant way to drop into the ever present ease.

Another way to encourage your nervous system to entrain to ease is sound, resonance and harmonic therapies (the resonation component of Resonation Acupuncture). Working in pairs, the tuning forks have the ability to generate the effect of ELFs. These healing frequencies affect an astonishing array of physiological and psychological conditions…
they equalize brain waves,
increase the depth of breathing,
slow the heart-beat and pulse,
lower blood pressure,
reduce muscle tension,
increase circulation and endorphin production,
boost immune function,
improve memory and learning,
increase endurance and productivity,
strengthen digestion and
decrease depression…
If you have trouble sleeping, feel unexplained anxiety, have difficulty concentrating or feel like a multi tasking maniac, I encourage you to explore the beauty of the ELFs. This is an invitation to reclaim your personal rhythm and explore what’s possible when the frantic Giga-hurried pace is not running the show.