Libidinal Pulse

Making love to your life!
Spring’s Libidinal Pulse… the impulse to create life is also the creative pulse of life.
In this season the energy & life force of all is rising up and out. This erotic energy desires freedom of expression…
How can we leverage, channel and benefit from this energy?
What inspires, captivates and engages your creativity?
Can you feel the mounting excitement of something new yet undiscovered?
Can you feel your impulses? The “eros of spring”?
And how do you skillfully engage these libidinal impulses and life force in a satisfying way?
We can unknowingly sedate the libidinal pulse as we go to satiate it, squishing the unique creativity that brings meaning to our life.
If you feel blunted, uninspired, not in touch with spring’s creative, inspirational, libidinal life pulse, I invite you to explore with a gentle curiosity the idea of satiation verses sedation…

An example from my own journey… I used to love to dance directly in front of a huge pumping sound system, close my eyes, just me and the music, the base vibrating through my body. After these “sessions” I knew I was over-stimulating my nervous system; even with ear plugs, my ears were ringing, my body buzzing a fuzzy, dull static. When I eventually discover the tuning forks that I use in the Resonation component of Resonation Acupuncture I was able to satiate this craving to feel these low frequency vibrations in my body while enhancing my senses. I am now able to cultivate an awareness of these low frequency vibrations, satiating my desires as opposed to blunting them.
Another example that many of us have experienced is refined sugar; the impulse for sweet comes over us, we reach for that decadent slice of sugary yummy… yet we are blunting our taste buds to the subtle sweet of an avocado or carrot. How many “food-gasms” are you passing up?

With the subtle senses in tact, the world comes alive with a whole new color, meaning, sensation and flavor. We are able to find new pleasures in the every day happenings of life, sunshine on your skin, food in your mouth, music, touch… this is where the libidinal pulse of life thrives, where our unique creativity sings pleasure and joy into our life.
With awareness we are able to access our senses and satiate our desires in new and fantastic ways. Have fun with this playful, pleasurable exploration…