Liver Appreciation… “lovin’ your liver!”

The liver works tirelessly; it has more than 500 vital functions. It is the ultimate multi-tasker of the body. You might picture it as a working mom with 5 kids, constantly organizing, visioning, delegating, looking into the future while performing the mundane tasks of every day. As you can imagine some days the flow is easier than others.
When the Liver energy gets stuck the emotions are anger, frustration, irritability and depression and when the liver is in optimal flow it exudes compassion.
Here are some of the ways the Liver energy system may fall out of balance: (Please note: when I refer to the “Liver” I am referring to the whole Liver energy system)
Allergies, one of the many tasks of the Liver is filtering the blood, if this is compromised then allergies are more present
PMS symptoms moody, irritable, depressed… breast tenderness (the liver channel ends right below the breasts) if the Liver is struggling to move the qi and blood, women may experience even more intense PMS
High blood pressure is a sign of needing assistance with the Liver. One of the Livers main jobs is to regulate stress in the body, if the “garden hose” is already a little bent and more water pressure comes through then the stress on the system is felt…
Headaches, Migraines, Dizziness and Vertigo, the energy of spring is building, mounting and the upward movement of qi. Think of a seed sprouting upward out of the soil, this energy when out of balance will rise toward the head causing symptoms
Insomnia, especially waking between 1-3am which is the time during the 24hr body cycle that the energy moves through the Liver organ system. If the qi is backed up you are more likely to experience insomnia
Anger and frustration… shouting is the sound of the Liver. And sighing, deep dramatic sighs, are the Livers attempt to move the energy with breath
The Liver will also “attack” other organs. Think of digestive disturbances due to stress, or stress induced asthma… this is the Liver lashing out
By supporting the Liver energy system you are encouraging overall health and wellness, think of it as sending the “working mother” on a relaxing retreat. She will return with more resources to support herself and her whole family. If you are suffering from any of the above symptoms I encourage you to solicit support.
Resonation Acupuncture is a gentle effective way to encourage balance within the Liver energy system.