Ode to the Pericardium… The Heart’s trusty sidekick

The main official of the Fire Element is the Heart. The Heart holds unconditional love and unconditional truth. Access to Heart wisdom is essential in order to experience the beauty and grace in life. The Fire element is the only element with 4 officials, all the other elements only have 2 Officials. The Heart is so instrumental in orchestrating our life’s flow that it has extra helpers. I will highlight one of these helpers, the Pericardium.

The Pericardium is a double-layered, thin yet strong membrane surrounding the Heart. It plays an important role in protecting and stabilizing the Heart both physically and emotionally. The Pericardium helps discern who is worthy of the Heart’s beauty, grace and blessings. Not every person or aspect of self is capable of respecting the Heart’s unconditional love. A healthy Pericardium can recognize with ease and fluidity when the people around us are capable of honoring the Heart.

Human Nature can lend itself to “unskillful” actions–when we are not self loving, we can be self loathing. The Pericardium is there to help protect us from us. If we let the confusion and bitterness deeply into our hearts the impact is devastating. It leaves us hopeless, directionless and uninspired. “Don’t believe everything you think or feel” is the voice of the Pericardium.

Healthy communication between the Heart and the Pericardium is necessary to navigate the twists of life. If you feel like you wear your “Heart on you sleeve” you most likely need a boost to your Pericardial Qi. One easy way to do this is a self blessing: root your feet in the earth, once you feel anchored rub your hands together vigorously, when you feel heat and energy rest your hands of your Heart and bless yourself with statements like, “unconditional love is my birth right” “my beautiful Heart is a blessing to this world” “I allow all the beauty, grace and ease that IS to bless my beautiful Heart”. What ever phase you adopt and repeat stay anchored in the Earths grounded energy. When the self defeating voices pop up you can honor their presence and direct them back to the Earth for composting. Poo has a place but it’s not in the Heart.