Gratitude for “all of it”.

The path of life leaves us “a trail of wisdom”. Each of the “hardships” we encounter carves out aspects of ourself that we may have over looked otherwise. We may not know our tenacity of spirit until we are faced with the challenges of life. I offer gratitude as the key to graceful aging, gratitude allows us to integrate all the twists and turns of life with an open heart. When we don’t feel betrayed by our bodies and the natural aging process we are making room for joy, grace and ease. For those of you in the midst of a health crisis (age related or not), I am not suggesting polyanna-ish denial, I am encouraging you to reach out and solicit help so you can integrate, allowing all the gifts this journey has to offer. I would love to support you in integrating joy, ease and gratitude into the inevitable twists this human journey has to offer. Gratitude for “all of it” is possible.