Seasonal Shift – Qi Shield

Now is the perfect time to set a foundation for a healthy “Qi Shield”.

If it seems to soon to think of cold and flu season, reframe it this way
“the best way to be healthy and strong is to stay healthy and strong.”
As the days begin to shorten and the temperature shifts quickly it is important to be prepared.

In TCM the external elements (wind, cold, heat damp, dry) “call in” the pathogenic influences. They leave us susceptible to feeling run down.
In our coastal climate late summer provides some amazingly beautiful, warm days and some chilly evenings and mornings. The temperature can drop, quickly leaving us without adequate layers of warmth to keep out the external elements.

Here enters the lurking feeling of constantly fighting off a cold, feeling run down and chilly and a cough that comes in the morning and/or at night.

Plan ahead, set yourself up now for an autumn and winter full of strong Qi and health!
If you need support or ideas on how to do this please contact me.

I’m happy to help.