Joy IS the World!

The base-line of this World is Well Being and Joy. It is easy to look around and create a “reality-story” that planet Earth or humanity is going to “hell in a hand basket” but as I scratch the surface of this story I am left with the profound, solid, unshakable awareness that good IS, joy IS, love IS.

As a collective consciousness we are fascinated by the discomfort. We feel compelled to focus on the atrocities of this world. Even this “thought-habit” is well meaning in its very distorted way. We think focusing on the problem will provide the solution, yet all we get is more “problem;” energy flows where attention goes. No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. (Albert Einstein)

This holds true for your body as well. Well Being is the basis of your body. The infinite organizing intelligence of your body is brilliant. If we can get out of the way, relax and allow… health vitality joy and ease are our dominant nature. The awareness of learning how to get out of our way is the key. There are many ways to ease into ease, each of us is guided…

I invite to you to let joy be your guidepost. If you find yourself feeling relaxed and joyful in this holiday season, milk it, trust it, breathe your life force into it. You will only generate more of this for yourself, your loved ones and the World. In the “less shiny” moments I invite you to relax, breathe and trust that all truly is well, even if you can’t feel it right this moment.

Unwrap the Rapture of Life… I double dog dare ya to give it a go… you have nothing- except anger, disappointment, depression, illness… (fill in appropriate disgruntled attribute) to lose and Bliss to gain.

If your joy guides you to contact me I look forward to supporting you in relaxing into the grace, ease, vitality, love and well being that is your innate nature.