Thriving vs. Surviving

Stress Resilience vs. Stress Management
Thriving vs. Surviving
Human Nature…
We frequently wait till we are in pain, emotional or physical, before we reach out for self care support.
By this time we are feeling overwhelmed and are frequently in survival, just managing to keep our head above water.
What if we oriented to stress resilience and Wellness Care?
Wellness Care keeps us in “the flow” where we are in touch with our creativity and can source ease and grace when we are interfacing with life’s inevitable circumstances.
This allows for the opportunity to thrive and let vision guide us. Give yourself the opportunity to stay ahead of the “stress curve”. Decompress before you end up in stress management-crisis mode.
Do you interface with the voices of self sabotage that stop you from implementing Wellness Care?
“I don’t have time…” “It’s too expensive…”
Wellness Care is actually more efficient and economical. If we make micro changes to identify our Keys to Vitality this has a HUGE impact on the long term trajectory of our health.
“This is too indulgent…”
Wellness Care is responsible. There’s no need to martyr your energy; your family, loved ones and community want you healthy and balanced.
“I’m okay, I’ll just muster on…”
It’s a service to everyone everywhere to embody joy. Join the “joy revolution”. The ability to tolerate suffering is over rated, and is actually destructive. Energy flows where attention goes.
I invite you to invest in feeling good for the greater good of all.
If you need assistance designing a wellness lifestyle I’m happy to help.
Jump on the joy revolution train, fueled by resilience, grace and ease!