12-21-12 Blessing

As you read this put yourself in a comfortable position and allow yourself to become very still in mind and body. Take a deep breath and request your being to relax, release and let go. Once you have exhaled, feel a wave of serenity moving over your body. Continue to consciously breathe, finding a relaxed rhythm. Feel your chest expand and open and feel your heart area warming. Relax your throat, let your mind be clear and your internal vision centered.

Imagine a pillar of light touching the crown of your head and move easily down the center of your body. Breathing deeply in and out, invite your mind and body to be light, calm and peaceful.
Focus you attention in your mind’s eye and picture planet Earth, a beautiful globe full of incredible life. Feel the contribution that each individual makes to the global plan.

From the center of your heart release a wave of intent inspiring love and trust to all of humanity. Imagine 7 billion people connected to this wave of intent moving from your heart, as this wave ripples across each continent and ocean it touches the hearts of every being willing to feel it. As “like hearted” beings feel this wave of love they open their own heart and contribute to the collective momentum. As this collective tidal wave of love, compassion and peace washes over the planet, each individual willing to open will be reassured that the coming change is an opportunity to live a more joyous and expanded life in which they have the freedom to perceive a very different perspective.Bring your awareness back to your physical form; visualize the pillar of light running through you, infusing you, connecting you to the Earth. Watch the energy flow at a rapid rate and let your body begin to pulse, feeling stronger and filled with new information, health and vitality. Feel the pillar of light connecting you with source, trust yourself and listen to what it is you are discovering. Allow the collective human heart opening to inform your choices and actions. Allow integrity and love to be the guiding forces for action. Witness the infinite wisdom of your being bring joy and awe to each moment. In this heart open space, know that you are supported by the Earth and like hearted beings and you will gravitate to the goodness that is you.