The Gift of Water – Listen & Remember

As we move into the winter months we welcome the element of Water, which encourages us to slow down and “dig deeper”. In the shorter days we are offered the chance to peer into the “shadows” and deeper mysteries and align our day-to-day activities with our “purpose” which inevitably brings more satisfaction and ease. In our fast paced lives we can easily lose sight of what we hold most precious. Winter is inviting the opportunity to journey inward and remember. If we resist slowing down and relaxing into this deeper understanding of ourselves there can be a sense of purposelessness, boredom and in its intensity, extreme suffering, despair and depression. As we “descend” toward the winter solstice, and the longest night of the year I encourage you to sink deeper into the beauty and mystery of yourself.

Tip to explore Water: Sleep! It’s dark out, let yourself hibernate. When you allow yourself plenty of hours to sleep especially in the winter you are recalibrating with your “BIG DREAMS” and your soul yearnings.