Blessings… spring cleaning style

I spent a chunk of time earlier this spring clearing out my patient charts. It was a heart-warming process to reflect on y’all: to see the progression of my growth as a practitioner over the last 12 years and to feel a lot of love.

I am mega blessed to do what I do, to share in the journey of your growth and evolution, to “get the qi moving” and assist in the wisdom of your body to do what it does so well: heal, thrive, transform and evolve.

Whether you came 1 time or 200+ times, I have been blessed by the opportunity to help facilitate the ease and grace that is ever-present. To support you in your health and wellness is an honor and a pleasure.

During this process a handful of you whom I had not seen in years contacted me. Our thoughts and emotions touch one another. I knew this but it was a fantastic affirmation. Thanks for reaching out (via email or in your thoughts). I LOVE it!

I had not thoroughly understood the positive heart warming impact each person has had on my life. It’s a cool experience to have documented each visit and have an opportunity to reflect on the preciousness of the interactions. It leaves me with an awareness that we are having profound experiences in the everyday interactions of our life.

Just for fun… think of someone you love whom you have not seen in several years. Spend a few minutes mulling over the goodness you shared as your lives intersected and bless yourself with the memories. Release these positive thoughts and emotions and send this individual your “good juju”. If any of you end up with a fun story after engaging in this experiment I would love to hear it.

Blessings of love and gratitude from my heart to yours,