Graceful Evolution

As I move through “middle age” I am curious about the collective ideas unquestioningly ingrained that cognitive and physical decline are inevitable simply because time passes.

I recently heard Depak Chopra in an audio lecture say that only 1% of “aging”(cognitive and physical decline) is due to chronological age. I’m not sure how they figured this out but just the idea of it inspired me.
I started picturing myself as a spry centenarian on her standup paddle board. SUP 1 2
As our life spans increase I am deeply inspired by the idea of having life span and health span sync up.
I know that we can’t move away from circumstances and conditions that we don’t want to experience by focusing on them.
The idea of anti-aging is comical. The very thing we want to avoid “aging/decline” is the point of focus. This is where the concept of Graceful Evolution comes in.
I have been contemplating language to “live into”- ideas that inspire possibility as chronological time passes. With each trip around the sun and each decade of life that I experience, I am soooo grateful for everything I have learned. I feel happier, wiser and more apt to navigate this material world in a physical body.
This is Graceful Evolution, celebrating that the “best” is yet to come because I am always expanding, growing and evolving.
Shifting into the orientation of Graceful Evolution can feel confronting if you are not currently experiencing ease and flow in your body and mind. It can feel like a relief to “blame” age, but then where are you?… helpless to the inevitable decline.

If you would like some support around gently exploring other perspectives that can invoke the innate healing wisdom of your body and initiate the upward spiral to health and wellness that is your natural state of being, I am here to help facilitate. Tiny shifts in perspective lead to huge shifts over the long term.
happy couple 2

Let’s celebrate the possibility of being vitality-invoking centenarians together.
Cheers to Graceful Evolution!