Do Nothing- Accomplish Everything!

As we tip toward the summer season (the season of Joy in the Chinese 5 Elements) I would like to explore the productivity of FUN! Contemplate that just doing something -busy work- isn’t productivity. In the doing of “nothing” we have the opportunity to BE, to stop, get quiet and feel flow. When we are in the flow it feels good; we allow inspiration to guide our actions.

It’s impossible to push the river of life – let the current carry you.
In this flow, the “Accomplish Everything” portion of the equation comes into play.
Doing nothing doesn’t mean lazy boredom.
My “do nothing- accomplish everything”-grace-flow-sweet spot these days is on the ocean stand up paddling. My main objective is to feel as much joy as possible. It consistently produces opportunities I’m excited to follow up on. It’s always fun to see who tuned into my joy vibe.

If you’re sorting out a “sticky” situation- where you just keep hitting blocks- I encourage you to stop, drop it from your thoughts and go do something you enjoy… take a nap. It is not denial or avoidance, it is redirecting your energy to the productivity of relaxation and fun.

This concept works beautifully with our health. The more we worry and fret over the current state of our body, the more we live into our fears. If there are conditions/symptoms that concern you I invite you to try this… Distract yourself from the conditions/symptoms with thoughts that are completely unrelated and feel really good. Again, I’m not encouraging you to avoid, deny and resist. It’s actually the opposite. This activity signals that you affirm and trust that the wisdom of your body and being will sort it out if you can relax.

When we relax, we allow the innate benevolence of all that is, from galaxies to our cells, to shine forth and shower us with goodness. We allow inspiration to guide us to the appropriate information, resources, and practitioners. The choices you make from this ease-filled state are exponentially more healing and productive. If your relaxed state of fun loving goodness inspires you to contact me I most definitely look forward to hearing from you. Or if you’re experiencing blocks finding this relaxed state of being, I’m happy to help you find your flow.